The revolutionary 2B Sure electrical anti-fouling system prevents underwater growth without painting.

 Increase time between haul-outs and reduce haul out time!


Get all the benefits of a copper anti-foul without the dangers and expense of pulling your boat out of the water.


Sales of 2B Sure Systems are currently on hold as the manufacturer has paused sales of the product.

We do offer generic replacement rods.
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Why you need 2B Sure…

  • 2B Sure has over 660 successful installations throughout Australasia
  • 2B Sure has an ecstatic customer base
  • 2B Sure has a 100% success rate in stopping hard shell fouling
  • 2B Sure has been PROVEN to work in all Australian waters
    • …under all conditions
    • …on all types of hull
  • 2B Sure can be installed quickly and easily with basic technical knowledge


Reference Buoy* without
2B Sure Protection
Reference Buoy* with
2B Sure Protection
* After 6 months immersed in sea water.  Your experience may vary.

2B Sure IS the only alternative antifouling system that can boast over 2½ years of testing and application here in Australia

2B Sure is NOT…

  • 2BSure is NOT a sea-life damaging ultrasonic system
  • 2BSure is NOT a galvanic protection system
  • 2BSure does NOT connect to your hull
  • 2BSure does NOT leave damaging ablative chemicals on the sea bottom

How 2B Sure Works…

The innovative 2B Sure antifouling system works on any hull material and features two electrodes which are suspended just below the waterline, one at the bow and one at the stern. These are connected to a control box, which sends an electrical current to the anodes and releases a limited cloud of copper ions into the water. These do not harm sea life or the environment.

The movement of the ions along the electrical field within the water prevents fouling – the growth of barnacles, mussels and other forms of unwanted organic matter that can seriously affect boat speed, performance and fuel consumption.

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